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Hello Jim,
I just wanted to let you know that I love my butter crock.  The design of the crock is perfect because it can go from kitchen to table, and as an amateur potter I really appreciate your glazes. Congratulations on a beautiful, functional product.


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French Butter Dish Gift Certificate


Send a French Butter Dish as a present even if you do not know which color or style they would like. A Gift certificate will be sent that can be redeemed with its coupon number. Since postage is included in the gift, please order only one Gift Certificate at a time and do not combine with any other orders. Put the finial destination of the butter dish or certificate in after imputing your information in customer detail by clicking on "I'd like this shipped to a different address" so that no extra shipping charges will be added on redemption. If you would like the certificate sent to your address, and the recipient lives in a different local, please write in the "Additional Information" box that the certificate is to be sent to your home address.
Price: $24.95