I received the "one of a kind" blue French butter dish in early October, so I've been using it for about 2 months. It replaced a "big box" version, which had a cup-shaped butter holder. We live in California, so we keep the butter dish in the fridge and, with the other butter, I often found the hardened butter floating in the water, instead of being held in the cup. However, after 2 months of constant use, this has never happened with your dish, presumably because of the (more sensible) "inverted cone" design. Your dish was a little larger than I expected (it can hold about 6 oz of my favorite butter) and, when it arrived, my wife thought it might look a little out-of-place on our table. However, she was won over by the beautiful colors & design, and it's now in pride of place whenever we eat. Great product, great shipping, thank you! Lindsay


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French Butter Dish Gift Certificate


Send a French Butter Dish as a present even if you do not know which color or style they would like. A Gift certificate will be sent that can be redeemed with its coupon number. Since postage is included in the gift, please order only one Gift Certificate at a time and do not combine with any other orders. Put the finial destination of the butter dish in the "shipping address" box so that no extra shipping charges will be added on redemption. If you would like the certificate sent to your address, and the recipient lives in a different local, please put the recipients zip code in the zip code box and yours in the additional information box at checkout.
Price: $24.95