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Just received the most wonderful butter dish--even better than in the photos. It now sits as a focal point on the kitchen table in my black and sienna-colored kitchen, real pride of place. Want you to know that after doing much (Internet) research on these, yours is the only one I could find with the brilliant cone shape and small water hole to prevent butter sinkage. This is in addition to your extreme efficiency and care. I'm really, really impressed. Thanks so much. This was a pleasure. --Susan


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11 oz Mug, Brown and mottled tan


Made with regular stoneware clay this mug has a spotted mottled brown/tan glaze at the top running over a mottled brown at the bottom.
Price: $12.95
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11 oz Mug, Purple/blue


Made with porcelain clay these mugs have a glaze that is turning blue purple and red on depending on how they sat in the kiln. Each mug will be unique as this glazing always produces a slightly different outcome.
Price: $12.95

11 oz Mug, Stony gray with blue rim


Made with high iron stoneware clay this mug has a stony gray glaze with a blue rim.
Price: $12.95

11 oz Mug, Teal and Brown


Made with regular stoneware clay this mug has a teal glaze at the top a brown glaze at the bottom and where they overlap it turns mussy green.
Price: $12.95