Hello Jim!

I just received my french butter dish and I LOVE it! I really appreciate your prompt service and also appreciate the way it was packed inside the box! I ordered the stoneware sienna brown one and it looks beautiful in my kitchen on our new granite countertop. My husband has needed one of these for a while and I found your website and decided to order one from you and I am so happy I did! Thank you so much for a beautiful product and keep up the good work! Now, if you would just make matching sugar bowls (small size) with lids and a place to put in a small spoon, that would be perfect! :-) Debbie


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11 oz Mug, Brown and mottled tan


Made with regular stoneware clay this mug has a spotted mottled brown/tan glaze at the top running over a mottled brown at the bottom.
Price: $12.95

11 oz Mug, Purple/blue


Made with porcelain clay these mugs are purple/red at on the top with blue at the base. Each mug will be unique as this glazing always produces a slightly different outcome.
Price: $12.95
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11 oz Mug, Stony gray with blue rim


Made with high iron stoneware clay this mug has a stony gray glaze with a blue rim.
Price: $12.95

11 oz Mug, Teal and Brown


Made with regular stoneware clay this mug has a teal glaze at the top a brown glaze at the bottom and where they overlap it turns mussy green.
Price: $12.95

Mug with hole in handle
Reddish brown with black rim 10 oz mug. 4"tall 3 1/2" mouth Handle has 3/4" hole that sticks out 1 5/8"
Price: $18.00