I received the "one of a kind" blue French butter dish in early October, so I've been using it for about 2 months. It replaced a "big box" version, which had a cup-shaped butter holder. We live in California, so we keep the butter dish in the fridge and, with the other butter, I often found the hardened butter floating in the water, instead of being held in the cup. However, after 2 months of constant use, this has never happened with your dish, presumably because of the (more sensible) "inverted cone" design. Your dish was a little larger than I expected (it can hold about 6 oz of my favorite butter) and, when it arrived, my wife thought it might look a little out-of-place on our table. However, she was won over by the beautiful colors & design, and it's now in pride of place whenever we eat. Great product, great shipping, thank you! Lindsay


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French Butter Dish with glaze variation Photo G
French Butter Dish with glaze variation Photo G
High Iron Stoneware french butter dish has a mottled reddish brown glaze with white and black in the center of the lid and mossy green running down from the top of the base. Only one available.
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Price: $24.95

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